By AnneILM60


The two-dot bumblebees were extremely busy at the blue giant hyssop and were over loaded with pollen.  Those pollen bags are so full I can't figure out how they don't crash and burn when they take off. 

I sat and watched these bumblebees while the cats were eating their breakfast.  

Is that my circular garden growing cat ears?! (see extra) No, it's MiniMe staying cool in the shade of all the plants and watching the birds with me!  My cats (all past & present) have always enjoyed the cool shade they can find here while being hidden away.  It means that I lose plants every years due to them sleeping on them but that is the price I pay for loving these furry friends.  

After being on the road for more than 3 months, my brother is home for a week.  He is going to come over in the morning so we can socialize on the porch in the morning and work at changing the music on his iPod.  It will also be an opportunity to give him his birthday present as his birthday was a week before mine, back in April. 

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