Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Feeding time

There's a lot of feeding to be done these days as there's so much growing to do. The cygnets have already got a fair amount bigger - here they are a week ago and two weeks ago. I was glad that they all seemed to be thriving.

As regards the other birds, there didn't seem to be a coot nest anywhere although there were coots about. There were also a number of moorhens around but none of them was showing any signs of nesting. However, one little grebe parent was sitting on the nest with a baby under one of its wings; the baby put its head out when the other parent came by to feed it intermittently, which was very sweet! There didn't seem to be another egg on the nest, so maybe the adult was there with the young for safety.

This trip to the pond was after a picnic with T in Midmar Paddock close by. The weather wasn't as wonderful as it had been, but it wasn't bad and we enjoyed it for the novelty too. There were a fair number of people around, many of them with dogs, but the dogs didn't manage to consume our picnics despite their efforts!

Back-blipped from 5th June.

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