Day 86 of personal lockdown

I know it's a Sweet Pea, but I just thought this looked like a butterfly coming into land!!!  I've obviously been in lockdown too long - but will be continuing it for some time to come yet.

A really great Tai Chi session this morning felt so relaxed afterwards.  It was great to see everyone too.  C is a great teacher and Gus was there enjoying our session, obviously superivising (sleeping)!!??

Mum is doing well and has got her first hair appointment just up the road from her in July.  Her hairdresser is on her own and only allowing one person in at a time with time to thoroughly clean after each customer and Mum already has a few face masks to wear so all is set.

I'm afraid for me, apart from my fringe (which I cut this morning and now look like a startled hedgehog!!!) mine is going to be left to just get longer, busher, frizzier and greyer - the grey streak is getting very noticeable now but I can hide it with a scarf tied up like a ribbon??!!

I notice the sun is beginning to come out again now and the wind has dropped so I think the afternoon could be pretty nice.

Feel a bit down with all the terrible things on the news and people still not social distancing and coming up here to go camping, in groups!!!  I then remember all the good things are being done so perk up a little.

Please do take care out there, stay safe and see you all tomorrow.

Thank you so much for continuing to drop by, I really do appreciate all your comments and visits.

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