Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Is it or isn't it?

Well yes, I'm afraid it is - another of those pesky anniversaries that make you realise just how long you've been a blipper.  Seriously though, it's been one of the most absorbing and fun bits of my life and having your friendship means a lot to me.  So thank you, thank you, thank you!

As for this poppy, I found it in the ruins of Winchester's medieval castle, which is now open again to the public, post lockdown.  The poppy itself, with its unusual colour, is possibly a Babington's Poppy (papaver lecoqii), though I have to admit I haven't see one before and didn't pinch it to see if the juice turned yellow on exposure to air, which is supposed to be diagnostic (well, I'm not that cracked yet ;))  The rather lovely background colours are made by part of the stonework.

In Extras is some red valerian (centranthus ruber) growing in the castle walls.

Apart from which, today's consisted of quite a lot of gardening, so a fun day, but exhausting.  Have a good/happy/peaceful evening  xx

Just adding the TT tag for today - and very many thanks to Trisharooni for hosting ;))

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