Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

A Wise Man has Big ears

That's an Arabic proverb I'd heard half a century ago for the first time... ofcourse it says that he who has big earlobes is aged and thus wiser from life's experience. 

I'd asked him to pose a sec for me with his walking stick and its crocodile handhold... he willingly did and I should have made a 2nd photo; a portrait as he has such a nice face.

I took a stroll thro'  Chania's Venetian harbour, what normally at this time of the year would be packed with tourists, but isn't now. Perhaps next week may bring the first tourists from abroad?! people here really don't know what to expect. In the extra the emptiness of today.

N.B. "next week" 'I'd noted, that is "Next Month!"  It's Athens that opens up next week for flights from abroad, that is with other airliners than the Greek. And it's next month, July, that the islands may open up their airports to flights from abroad, to foreign airliners that is, who bring tourists. Now only the islanders themselves can travel towards ' their'  island.

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