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Wide Wednesday

Steveng has set the task of Frame ( frame within Frame) for wide Wednesday. Here is a shot of our town Bathurst via the window and rear vision mirror of my car. 

I had just done some neighbourly tasks including taking someone to an appointment and taking dinner up to our son and his family. Oscar has been in hospital for two nights and had just come home with his Mum. I thought a chicken pie might be useful for dinner. I took Oscar a get well card, with a chocolate attached to the envelope, which pleased him. I also took some Sourdough starter as their last lot was discarded due to them being too busy. This picture is outside their house overlooking the town. 

There are no new community transmissions of Covid across Australia. We are doing well in our state and the lifting of restrictions seem to be a big topic of conversation. Returning travellers are still bringing new cases which are caught during the two week quarantine period. 

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