59 and a bit more

By 59

Abstract Thursday

Thanks Ingeborg for hosting. I can’t see how this fits with the theme of “Changes“ but doing a triptych is a change for me. I had to look up how to spell it so I’ve learnt something useful. 

The green stuff in the blip is corn which I was preparing for dinner tonight. I baked more sourdough today, this recipe was by Baker Bettie but I Increased the water and made a 78% hydration mix. It was a bit hard to work but came out quite light and fluffy like shop bread. Yummy. I also made my muesli mix this morning and also have some Greek yogurt brewing. I’ve made yogurt before but not Greek Style from scratch. I’ve never enjoyed cooking much so this is a new adventure for me. It’s probably because I was too busy before retiring. Other activities include music, exercise bike and shopping. We had a heavy fog until about midday, typical Bathurst winter weather.  Bit dismal but good for cooking I guess. 

We can soon have up to 20 visitors at home, that’s good news for family gatherings. 

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