Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

WidWed - Framed Avenue

I only took three images all day and two of those were this avenue of trees in the park by the high street.  

I'd had a problem with my air pods which required an exchange and return of the originals.  It seemed bizarre that the replacements came in three separate packages, one for each ear and the other for the case.  As you'd expect from Apple, all were beautifully packaged, but it did seem overkill, especially as the one boxes could have easily accommodated all of the items.  Anyway a walk up to the local UPS service was in order and I ended up walking through these trees.

I must admit I had a little play with Nik ColorEfex Pro to 'liven' up the image on a thoroughly grey day,

Day Miles: 2.3 miles Total miles: 760.9 miles

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