The last few Sundays I have woken up unreasonably early and today was no exception to that.  I eventually got up and read my book for a while.  it’s an easy read and doesn’t require much effort.  The boys appeared and were surprised to find me already up and about.  a friend popped round to drop something off.  it was rather early, but we had a socially distanced chat at the door.  We three were still in our pjs! I did a few chores, then had to head out to the supermarket for a  few things.  I walked and took the scenic route via the river.  I’ve mostly been avoiding the river walk in town and close to town just to avoid people.  However I risked it this morning.  I bumped into some friends and chatted for a  wee while, but we caused a real stramsh as there were too many people about, so I left them to their walk and I retreated to the supermarket.

After lunch TT took me out for a  long walk – he told me it was my anniversary treat, for today we have been married for 23 years!  I must deserve a medal.  We did a walk we did a few weeks ago but in reverse and added in a new path that we hadn’t explored before.  It involved walking through a field, but luckily the cows were over the fence today.  All in all it is a lovely walk, but it wasn’t very warm today and there was always a threat of rain – which thankfully didn’t come to anything.

Once home we celebrated with a glass of fizz and TT cooked a roast chicken dinner – which had been BB’s request.

Later I collapsed on the sofa – worn out – but with over 40,000 steps on my Fitbit!

At last we spotted the cygnets on the river, as we crossed Nungate bridge.  There are five, but I only managed to get two in my blip.

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