We slept late again this morning.  It is becoming a Saturday habit!  Once we were up and about, TT spent the morning in the garden, while I did a few chores.  The day started quite grey, but kept improving.  After lunch, TT and I went for a lovely walk in the sunshine.  I took him on a route I had explored during the  Easter holidays.  As we were getting near to the end of a path, at the point it joins the road, we were met by drainage and ditch works blocking our way.  We just had to walk round the field to find another exit.  As we were heading back towards town, we decided to explore another path, which we have passed many times, but didn’t really know where it went.  We followed it through the woods, high above the river, then came out into a field.  We knew roughly where we were, but couldn’t quite get our bearings.  Thankfully the path kept going and we just followed it.  It took us to the river then round into a field on the opposite side of the river, from the path we normally walk on.  We didn’t’ even know there was a path there.  It’s good to explore.  Once home I google mapped it just so we could get our bearings.

We came home and sat in the garden for a while with a drink and I read my book.  TT was on cooking duties, so had to retreat to the kitchen.  Later we started watching series 2 of the Missing.

We ended up in a field with these gorgeous poppies this afternoon.

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