By hazelh

Swan family at Dunsapie Loch

Today on our morning walk we conquered the summit of Arthur's Seat, where it was extremely windy. This family of swans was climbing out of the water at Dunsapie Loch (blipped under the watchful eye of the parents) just as we were heading back downhill again. My extra shot shows two of the cygnets together a few minutes later.

By the time I reached home, the next delivery of slabs had arrived. Paddy and Caitlin joined us at lunchtime to help move them from the pavement down to our yard, and then from the yard into the back garden. It was a difficult job because the pallet on which the slabs arrived was broken, and today's slabs were twice the size (and weight) of those that arrived on Wednesday.

This afternoon I worked (even though I am still technically on holiday). I think that I have made sense of the document that I am editing. We'll soon see whether or not the first author agrees with me...

Exercise today: walking (18,313 steps) and a bit of slab lifting.

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