By hazelh

Lawnmower recommendations requested

Just under two months ago on 18th April 2021 we sowed lawn seed in our back garden  - and just look at it now! (The before and after also shows how well my beans have grown.) We need a new lawnmower. I researched models online this morning and decided that we should go cordless. My not-so-little sister suggests the old-fashioned version of this variety, but we mean one with a rechargeable battery. Any recommendations blippers?

Also today Mr hazelh and I spent quite a lot of time making sense of all the extra days of work that I have done over the past few months, trying to work out if I can recoup the time somehow before the end of the academic year. The irony of all this is that I have been working today too - aaargh! I did, however, manage a couple of hours in the garden in the late afternoon, and Mr hazelh and I went out for dîner à deux at PizzaExpress in Stockbridge this evening, revisiting our Friday habits of the 1990s when we used to rush home for 9pm and Friends.

The amazing anecdote that I mentioned on Monday is now splashed across the BBC web site at The photographer in the story is my friend Melissa.

Exercise today: gardening, small amount of walking.

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