By hazelh

Book group reunited

It's 448 days since our book group 'last supper' on 16th March 2020. Tonight in Emma's garden, all eight members of our group celebrated our first legal, in-person, reunion after over a year of lockdown restrictions.

Here in my blip are Winsford, LauraMuir, and Ridgeback13. They have also recorded this momentous event in their journals today, as has Arclight, who is just out of shot here. It was a wonderful evening of fun and laughter in multiple (often parallel) conversations, and included an amazing personal anecdote featuring two world leaders. The whole experience was so much better than a Zoom meeting.

Oh, and we did discuss the book. Those of us who have read The years by Annie Ernaux gave generally positive reviews. I have to say that I was not terribly keen on it at first, largely because I didn't 'get' many of the early references (even though I have lived in France). However, it grew on me as the 'story' progressed through time, and I could understand the historical, social and political context of the narrative.

Earlier today I took a walk around Warriston cemetery and LIDL with Mr hazelh, wrote a blog post about this week's conferences, then settled down to more research assessment reading. The arrival of overnight guests Winsford and LauraMuir just after 5pm brought an end to my working day - and players for a pre-book group game of Catan (which I won).

Exercise today: small amount of walking (~8000 steps).

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