By ArcLight

Walk on the edge

Friday was a fairly tough day, but it turned out well in the end. Not weatherwise. Late afternoon, I went for a lengthy and eventually rather damp walk with RW in the Park, which encompassed a windy stroll along the edge of the Crags. I've not been there for the best part of a decade, perhaps longer. I've added a couple of extras.

My mood started off badly, on an 8am call with Finland, where people kept saying things like "Hello from sunny Tampere". I checked the BBC weather app, which delivered the news to me that we are in that part of the year when the weather in Southern Finland is definitely better than it is in Scotland. This made me mournful. Other things made me feel a bit anxious, but at least taking a decent walk settled me down (even though my legs felt like lead).

After dinner, we watched The Madness of George III, and were amazed by Mark Gatiss' performance in the title role. Definitely one to watch - even though some parts are a bit hard to watch.

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