The second half of life..

By twigs

Play-time - again!

I had thought about going to the market this morning but the cold put pay to that idea.  Instead, a cosy coffee or two snuggled up in plenty of layers.  Funnily enough it did seem to warm up nicely as the day progressed - a good opportunity to play in the garden with Minnie.  She has become such a wee Mummy's girl....she follows me everywhere, and she just loves it when we have some play time together.

I noticed today though that her one wonky white whisker has disappeared.  I'm gutted - it was such a cute feature of hers - I do hope it grows back again.

Went out to M & J's this evening for a pot-luck dinner with 'the gang'.  We've know one another for donkey's years and over those years have had probably dozens (if not hundreds) of social events together.  It's been a while since we've  had a get together - obviously - so it was extra nice to see everyone together today.  

In COVID news - day 22 with no new cases.  Closing in on the magical 28-day E-limination goal.....E-Day.

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