Bit more successful today than yesterday in terms of getting stuff done....up earlier, did some housework, made jam and some mazarins (extra - spurred on by the one I had from Soderberg yesterday and blipchat to RavensRoost!) then planned a bike ride with V. Before I went over to collect her I managed to read through nearly half of the applications for an important post.....none very exciting though so hope we get a good shortlist (plenty more to read!).
We headed off to Harlaw Reservoir again but were a bit annoyed we couldn't cycle round Threipmuir Reservoir as well as Harlaw, but we followed a few trails and sat by the water eating our picnic. Easy enough to cycle but it was very busy. At least the clouds cleared a little at one point when we stopped to watch a fisherman land a fish....
Home again (lots of laughter trying to load the bikes on and off the rack on the car - we could barely stand!) then I had a long chat to G&K before A called on her way to work. Think she's decided to try and get their money back from the wedding...seems sensible in the circumstances but let's see if she has any success.
Put a chicken in to roast for dinner and read some more applications whilst it cooked, then headed back to the sofa before another week of work

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