A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

View from...

just below Catstones Moor.

Couldn’t resist a shot of these flag iris just randomly growing alongside this Yorkshire stone wall at about the halfway point of our afternoon walk. The views are over Cullingworth, Harecroft and Wilsden in the far distance to the right of the picture.
Good to get out but boy it’s been hot and sticky. It would have been better to have walked this morning but I had been asked to do the 15 minute takeover of our ATN morning sing by selecting three songs and talking about why I had chosen them. Nice to be asked.

Could have walked before but seem to be in this annoying pattern at the moment of not being able to get to sleep and then, when I eventually do, I sleep later than I want. Much rather go out like a light and wake early!

Walking up the village I took a shot of the silly signs that have appeared from the council advising you to walk apart and treat the pavement as a one way system. In the extra you can see the signs on the poster and the pavement indicating two way movement and keeping left. If you look a few yards ahead it changes to one way. This is where the pavement narrows right in front of our church. It’s opposite a busy junction, you can see the Keighley Road going off to the right and immediately behind where I was taking the photo is a busy mini round about. So are we meant to head across the road in the middle of this junction to be on the right side? We didn’t, we walked a few yards further up and crossed at the zebra crossing.
We’re 12 weeks in to lockdown/social distancing so why do this now (saw it in the next village on Saturday too) and in such a crazy way? Someone had complained that with her children she was having to cross the road more now to get to the school and she was told it was ‘advisory only’ and not to do it if it was too difficult! Crazy!
We’ve been walking up the village for weeks to see our son or go on a walk and you distance yourself from others, sometimes crossing the road and sometimes standing out of the way until others are passed. I wonder how much they have paid for all these signs?

Sorry rant over. Stay safe everyone and use your common sense!

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