On the way back from the dentist this morning, Doug and I stopped in at the new Sprouts that's opened up across the avenue - my first visit to a store since my surgery and the quarantine.  I'd been obsessing over not having parsnips for the chicken soup I want to make - the perfectionist in me needs to get this right! - so we went inside.  What a great store!  When it's safe, and I can drive again, I expect to spend some time there.  Today it was get in and out quickly, so I bought the parsnips and some eggplant and zucchini for my meatloaf.  

When I got home I looked at the recipe and realized that it called for fresh parsley.  And I had a mini-meltdown.  It seemed terribly important to have that parsley, and I can't go and get it on my own, so I will have to make a chicken soup that isn't perfect.  And I'm having a hard time with that.  What a thing to lose one's mind over!  Anyway, I've put off the soup making until tomorrow when hopefully I will have a better attitude.  

I discovered that the tenant in Apt. 201 has put some decoration on her door, if not her doorway (since the building's been painted, nothing on the walls is allowed.)  I thought I would share it with you.  Walking by her porch on my way into the building, I saw that she has some bright yellow begonias blooming, and I plan to use that for tomorrow's Flower Friday blip.

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