By Veronica

Here comes summer!

First Saturday of the "real" summer season and ... wow. I imagine it would normally be even more crowded than this. Note ... this is about 7 p.m. We had stayed home all day, and went out to the Playa del Muerto at about 6. We were stupid enough to drive there (it's only 15 minutes' brisk walk). Of course there was nowhere to park, and we'd lost our parking space back home to someone else who seized it the minute we pulled out. S volunteered to drive the car back while I continued to the beach with all the kit. Luckily he found a space near home easily and used the opportunity for a run back.

This small beach only accessible on foot or by boat was quite a bit quieter. I had a lovely swim; the water was refreshing and mirror-calm. Then we walked back and sat at the Dorada de Plata for a drink looking out at this scene.  Lovely holiday mood.

Edit: see also the same beach, just over a fortnight ago. And both of these blips feature my favourite building.

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