By Ridgeback13


Spent the morning cooking and prepping for a BBQ in T&Kt’s garden. Love being in the kitchen preparing a feast.
A arrived and we chatted as we got things ready-she’s been writing about herself ahead of a meeting with some key people in nursing and wanted to read me what she’s written. Really good-sure she’ll get a lot out of the meeting and her ideas about future steps are going well.
When Mt&H and the kids arrived (Mx dressed as Batman and AR as a vampire-extra-that girl has always loved ghosts and all things Halloween!) we got stuck into chat and nibbles then food in the garden. Higgs and Heston getting on well although Higgs can’t reach Heston’s nose so just follows him around wagging his overly long tail (extra)!
Did one of our chaotic group photos then more chat about gardens, work, house renovations, furlough, etc before they all left and we cleared up. T, Kt and I all needed a nap afterwards!
Up later and had a G&T and watched a film, ‘Knives Out’, which was quite fun as I sewed up A’s cardigan - hope to see her tomorrow to give it to her.
Relaxing and company filled day....

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