Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

More rain, more writing

Well the forecast was right - it said that it would rain during the night and it did. It said that the sun would come out in the morning and it did. It didn't say that it would rain for the rest of the day, but it did. Or it has so far, anyway!
Not to worry - we needed it and I have plenty to get on with indoors. 'Keep Oban Beautiful' is attempting to persuade the Planning Department of Argyll & Bute Council that cutting trees down to build houses is not in the best long term interests of the town, and we're demanding clarity on the Tree Preservation Order legislation. We want to know why applicants are getting away with cutting TPO trees down and asking that more protection be given to Oban's green spaces and woodlands.
Our first letter a couple of weeks ago was replied to very briefly, ignoring all the questions raised and requests for information, treating us like idiots. While always maintaining politeness we'll be more insistent this time, and more so every time we're fobbed off with platitudes. We're told by local people that nothing will happen; it nothing happens this time it won't be for want of trying!
My Blip today is of a book published in 1911, containing poetry written by 'Nadja', who was in fact Louisa Nadja Green, born in 1895. She began writing poetry at the age of eight and the two poems shown in my extra were written in 1909 when she was fourteen. Her photograph was taken in 1929. She grew up to marry the Marchese Pietro Malacrida de Saint-August, an Italian Cavalry Officer, journalist and Interior Decorator to the rich and famous in London. She was the niece of Lord Cowdray and as well as writing poetry as a child, became a well known Mayfair hostess, was a fine horsewoman, raced cars at Brooklands and obtained her pilot’s licence in 1930. No time or space here to go into my interest in this remarkable lady, who unfortunately died when driving her Isotta-Fraschini out of Henley on her way back to London in May 1934.The car went over the embankment of White Hill and she was killed. I wonder what she could have achieved had she lived.
Quote of the Day:
Marcus Aurelius - "Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish."

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