By dunkyc

Castle on the hill (not pictured)

Three months to the day since lockdown was first announced and today the handbrake was loosened a little further.

Like many I have mixed feelings about this, my gut instinct is that it feels too soon, but tempered with the acknowledgement of the need to keep some semblance of an economy going.

Just today I spoke to a relatively new business who has become a casualty of the pandemic and is now looking for exit options, I hope we (as a business) are able to do something with/for them as we’ve seen it grow and supported it from an early stage.

The day has been overcast and muggy, so when 5pm hit, Johnson had finished blustering and the sun came out, all screens were turned off, music was turned up and I set off for a wander in search of some orange juice and a photo.

I haven’t been up to Kendal Castle for a little while, but it is one of my favourite walks (in hindsight, I should have walked over the castle prior to the multi-cartons of OJ purchase) in terms of reward for little effort, particularly on an evening like this.

There’s something about being up high that gives you a little perspective, you realise how small and inconsequential you are – I don’t mean this in a bad or negative way, quite the opposite actually – because knowing that; in the grand scheme of things, what you do doesn’t matter THAT much anyway, takes a lot of perceived pressure off. 

The focus should always be to enjoy the here and now, which will probably sound obvious to most, but some of us need a nice walk on a sunny evening with some soulful tunes in our ears to remind us!  

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