By Teasel

Blue and Green

I had my latest start for work since working from home. I am really struggling to get out of bed, knowing I am only going to spend another day at the kitchen table.   I had thought about taking today off, but it was grey and windy and I had a few calls, so I didn’t bother.   In the end one call cancelled, but I then had a long call to talk through a document that just keeps coming back with more and more queries.  It’s not even “my document”, but it partly relates to my responsibilities, so we have to keep modifying it to try and please everyone.  While on the long call, it seemed to get greyer with a bit of rain thrown in and I was getting chilly, so I was really glad I hadn’t taken today off.
Meanwhile TT was on a long call with colleagues, while they also watched a live streamed graduation which was happening at a Chinese University which they collaborate with.   I watched a short bit of it and it reminded me of the Eurovision Song Contest – very unlike my graduations!
I fitted in a quick lunchtime walk, which warmed me up, before getting back to work. 
After tea I had a very long chat with the lady from the group which BB will volunteer with for his Duke of Edinburgh, then headed out for my daily walk.  It was a battle against the wind and was very tiring.
A view across the barley field towards the cottages (which you can just about see) taken on my evening walk. The extra is at the entrance to a local building site.

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