By Teasel

Hailes Castle

Yet another slow Saturday morning – it just disappeared.  The weather was still very changeable, one minute brilliantly sunny and hot, next minute a downpour and thunder and lightning.
TT had planned a walk for us, so after an early lunch and in the blistering heat we set off – having applied sun tan lotion. BB didn’t want to come with us, as he didn’t  like the look of the weather forecast – wise boy. We hadn’t gone far when there was a short downpour, but we managed to hide in a doorway.  It will blow over said TT – he was right, so we continued on our way.  The sun reappeared and it was really hot.
I suggested we change our route slightly, as I didn’t fancy a couple of the paths which I knew were overgrown and would be very wet.  We got to Traprain Law, and took the path down the side, which was also very overgrown, and that is where our walk all went wrong.  The sky changed from being bright blue to the point we knew we were in for a downpour.  We heard the thunder in the distance, but kept going.  The rain came and we got were soaked.  My feet were squelching in my shoes.  We kept going down to Hailes Castle, hoping it would blow over!!  It didn’t.  We cut our losses.  TT had wanted to walk further, but we turned back and walked home along the river – not our best move.  It was wet and we got wetter – even once the rain stopped.  All the luxuriant growth at the side of the path was weighed down by rain and was hanging over the path and we had to wade through it.  We eventually made it home with trench foot! 
A quick shower and I was rejuvenated but then had to cook tea.  Eventually I sat down with a gin and tonic and we started watching our next series of Spiral.
This is Hailes Castle.  The poppy in the extra was looking lovely after the rain!

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