By pensionspoet


Packed mum and dad’s bags into my car in the morning, then packed them both in at 1.30. I drove us back to Hoddesdon, arriving ‘home’ at 4.15. I tried to wear a mask (in order to conform to the rules) as mum was sitting next to me. But my glasses steamed up every time I breathed out. We opened the windows, and were not facing each other ( obviously!).

Feeling quite tired now, although the drive wasn’t too bad. Manda came round at 6ish and we had some tea together which she brought with her. We are sitting on one sofa, away from mum and dad.

We have spent the whole evening researching more family history - tonight focussing on the ‘Grout’ family because they have stayed in the area where I now live. I hope to find some living relatives still local, if I search hard enough.

I’m staying over tonight, and going home tomorrow.

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