July arrives.

This morning it was raining. The “fine rain that wets you through” according to Peter Kaye, for those of you who are aficionados out there. (!)
We decided to take various containers back to various friends. They were stored in our garage after we had eaten the meals they contained. Meals which had been brought to us on a regular basis during Stephen’s stay in hospital in February and during his subsequent recovery period which lasted till early April. By which time everything had been put in Lockdown.
So we set off in the car and called at our friends to drop them off. All at a social distance! A bit like the delivery drivers now who ring the door bell and leave the parcel on the step till you open the door, then they take a photo as proof it’s been received.
It meant we had a couple of socially distanced catch ups along the way.
One of our friends has an amazing garden, both at the front and rear of the house.
I’ve always loved it.
Not being able to go through to the back, due to the present restrictions, having put their container by the front door, I took these photos as we chatted to her and her husband from the front path. We both agreed things felt “weird” at the moment.
The bicycle was a rusty old one repainted to use as a kind of plant stand.
If you look carefully at the main photo you can see an old bed used the same way.
After lunch we had a walk in Sutton Park.
I’m presently sitting in the summerhouse and the rain has begun to pitter patter on to the roof.
We keep a spare umbrella in here just in case it seems we would not make it back to the house without being soaked.
Soon be tea time.

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