By loisbiz

Not a Perfect Day for a walk on the Beach!

I drove over to the beach today; it was raining most of the way so I didn't stop to take photos of the massive numbers of Foxglove along the road. Also, didn't get any photos of the waterfalls in several places coming down the mountain side to the Wilson River. Most regrettably didn't get photos of the Bald Eagle on a tree by the Miami River & Hwy 101.....No, it was too rainy and to overcast to get a good photo. BUT the dog made me stop three times at places where there were no photo ops.....I let her out on a retractable leash and stayed in the car.....I didn't want to get rained on! 

I came over here this morning and my husband is coming over this evening. The trouble with not being here for awhile is that I feel a bit overwhelmed when I get here; where did all those weeds come from? ALSO, our grandson & a friends were here a couple of times AND hubby was here by himself a couple of times......NEEDLESS to say there was a bit of housework that needed to be done. I am happy to be resting after my quick trip to the ocean for a photo. There were lots of people down on the beach....yes, it was still raining....one man had made a bonfire, I hope he had some friends who would be joining him.....a family with a little girl about the same age as Ellie walked down close to where the waves were breaking on the sand, I could just see the delight in that little girls actions running closer and closer to the water. Two people were flying kites, others were jogging or walking along the shoreline. I sat in my car taking it all in.... I was nice and warm and cozy in my car....I was not tempted to get out any longer than it took me to take this shot of a creek flowing to the ocean and the small opening of sunlight in the cloudy sky. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to improve and the 4th of July is supposed to be lovely & sunny. Too bad the normal fireworks display, parade and games on the beach have been cancelled this year. I imagine there will be enough people on the beach with their own fireworks....perhaps more dangerous than the big controlled fireworks? I hope not.

Enjoy each moment, Stay Safe and especially Be Nice.

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