Capital adventures

By marchmont


Woke early which was just as well as #2 son needed some TLC.  And then once up there was another call, this time from Mum. That threw today's timetable out the window as I spent most of the day in the Manor.  However, by late afternoon everything seemed back to normal and I came home, tired and frustrated from dealing with a snail's pace internet. Cut the grass, ate, caught up on some stuff.  It was an unremarkable day, though my heart sank when I heard about the mandatory mask wearing.  Not much chance of catching anything when you are the only customer in Margiotta, and I'm not planning in being any any shops any time soon, however, needs must. Hopefully it will stay that way.

My courgettes are coming on, another gift from a fellow blipper. I think they are community courgettes. 

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