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By walkingMarj

Some things do not change!

I wonder how many of you have already started singing the jingle* for Fairy Liquid? It was first broadcast in 1961. The jingle is now considered to be sexist but Fairy is still being used in many kitchens up and down the land by everyone. (Other brands are available.)

In the time of Covid 19
At times like these it is natural to think about what is important and what endures. The original Fairy liquid did not have a QR code on the bottle. Who would have envisaged the World Wide Web at that time?

Last year we had a house full of workmen for months and looked forward to normality in 2021. How wrong we were.

I've had a quiet day at home. I nearly went out but it started to rain again.

Chores included two loads of washing and a bit of cleaning. I washed, cut and set Mum's hair and we think it looks OK.

The most exciting thing is that I have been watching a wonderful performance of Birdsong based on the stage play. It has been made in lockdown and multiple screens used for the actors. I remember reading it when it was first published in 1993. Today's production is to mark the 104th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

I had to pay for a ticket and feel it was well worth it. It is available online until tomorrow, so don't delay. It is inevitable very sad.

*Now hands that do dishes can be soft as your face, with mild green Fairy liquid."

Apologies for any induced earworms

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