By Teasel

Setting Sun

It was much brighter than yesterday, though still cloudy, with moments of blue sky and the occasional hint of sunshine.  It did brighten my mood though.  My day was very busy.  I had a piece of work to submit and had a few other things to juggle during the day.  TT hosted an open day event from the kitchen table.  It almost made me want to sign up to be a student again.   After a quick lunch, I headed out for a lunchtime walk around the block, before getting back to the grindstone.
Later in the afternoon I was on a call, but thought I heard the doorbell.  I thought someone answered, it was BB.  Outside in the garden was a friend who was out for a  cycle, and had got a flat tyre nearby so  decided to pitch up here. Unfortunately TT was in a meeting and I had another call due. I offered him a cuppa, but he said he would walk home – maybe about six or seven miles!! 
Anyway I couldn’t persuade him to wait, and off he went.  However, whenever TT ended his call he came to see what was going on and he then headed off to find him – he hadn’t gone far, so TT picked him up and gave him a lift home.  He needs to come back for his bike tomorrow.
I ended up working a bit to long, but had to get my work submitted.  Then I had to make tea.  I was a bit annoyed the TT hadn’t appeared to give a hand, but BB insisted the TT was in a meeting.  It turns out he was face timing his mum.
After tea, I was feeling very wary, but dragged myself out for a walk.  There was a nice sky, with the sun trying to poke through, even though it was setting.

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