By Teasel


My day started with a run.  I got out early so it wasn’t too hot and did another slow five miles.  In between a few chores and chivvying BB along, I managed to get us ready out to go off and meet friends.  We were to meet at the beach, but they changed the venue to a local village with a nice park.  It’s one of these places I haven’t been too for a very long time and I couldn’t quite remember the best route.  I think I took the most direct route, which was probably the best route.  There was a lot of football and cricket and a few other games while the adults mostly chatted.  We did get drawn into the cricket as additional fielders.  I even had to bat at one point, and I did OK for someone with limited hand eye co-ordination.  We left our friends squabbling over their picnic as I had ordered a late takeaway lunch and BB and I had to get back to collect it.
I had planned an afternoon of chores, but it was so lovely I dragged BB out for a river walk.  Amazingly he came out quite willingly and we had a lovely blether as we wandered.  He left me at the supermarket while I picked up some stuff for tea.  I got home just in time, as it started to rain. 
Later BB played on his Xbox, TT Zoomed and I watched a movie.
This is the cascade on the river.

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