By LadyFindhorn

4,000 Not Out

I have been notified by Blipfoto that today is of particular significance for me being as it is my 4,000th entry. However I prefer to celebrate my 11th Blip birthday which will be in a fortnight.
I am known for being easily bored by activities which continue after my first burst of enthusiasm, so it is surprising, not least to me, that I have not given up on this endeavour long ago.

It is fortuitous that I should have upgraded my phone in time to take this giant thistle bud on tall majestic thistles gracing Princes Street Gardens. I was surprised to be able to have a walk without rain or wind given the weather alert I got yesterday.

In fact I was looking forward to opening the blinds at 6am this morning and finding the weather to be incompatible with outdoor exercise. That would have allowed me to crawl back to bed and listen to music, but as luck would have it, not a leaf moved on the trees and there was even some sun into the bargain.
The result was I felt that I had to pedal forth for a burst of exercise before the weather did deteriorate as it eventually it did. Maybe tomorrow the much vaunted wind will allow me a day off.

I had a visit from David and Luca this afternoon and we became an allowable family ’bubble’. This is the first time they have put a foot inside the Dower House since March and it was good to be able to relax and catch up on their views on the science and politics of lockdown in Scotland, England and Hungary.

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