More Poppies

It seemed a bit brighter this morning, though not very bright.  We pottered, then TT spent some time in the garden, while I went down town as I needed to go to the post office and pick up a few essentials at the supermarket.  I set off without a coat, and typically it started to rain – not heavily, but enough to get damp.  BB went  out with some friends to kick a football.
TT and I enjoyed a lazy lunch of bagels from our bread delivery.  It was pouring, so it was nice to sit with lunch and  read the paper – which we haven’t done for ages. I haven’t bought a paper for ages.   Our peace was disturbed when a soaking wet BB appeared.  He has declared he is not going out again!  All that lovely weather when he wasn’t allowed out, and now it seems to be grey and rainy every day.
TT and I risked a walk – but chose our route carefully.  Not surprisingly BB declined an invitation to join us.  We came back via town and I left TT at the supermarket picking up things for tea. I hung my washing in the house.  I hate having to do that in the summer.
TT made homemade pizza for rea – it was delicious.  We then settled down to another couple of episodes of Spiral.
These poppies are in a nearby garden.  Something to brighten up another wet and grey day.

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