Murphy’s Law

By laurie54


I caught this sweet scene through the window not realizing I was also shooting through the screen door.  So I am pretty excited about the results. I find it fascinating when either the male of the species (like here) or both parents take on the role of providing for their young.  In this case, the food was a juicy bit of an orange. Pretty nice with a black background I was writing this a mamma Gambel's quail and a new batch of tiny babies were wandering around my patio.  Awwww....they'll be back.

Got most of the new laptop setup completed. The old one crapped out moments after my final backup.  It's now in recycling heaven. Hopefully, my HP warranty has now been applied correctly.  It only took three days to sort and scan receipts, find long lost key codes, updating almost everything, etc., etc.

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