Where on earth in the world would you discover artichokes planted on the seafront???  I’ve noticed them for a couple of years and it’s always wonderful to see them reappear. 

Perhaps not fully appropriate to the Mono Minimalistic theme I’ve decided to pursue till then end of the month, but they are in Mono and I’ve attempted to keep the image simple.

We did the usual down the slope, up to the Marriott (the artichokes were just up from the Pier), into town - and a detour to see the tennis courts in the gardens, then back home.  

Funny weather. Cool, then warm and muggy, overcast.  ‘Better’ weather forecast from Friday - although as far as I’m concerned it’s fine as it is.  

This blip is for Wide Wednesday’s challenge ‘Movie Titles’. As usual I got it wrong and had planned for ‘A worms eye view’ which is not till next week.  Fortunately I just googled and believe it or not, there is a film called Artichoke. So I can happily submit this for RockArea’s challenge..

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