Oranges are not the only fruit!

A half hour experimenting with the `fruit-bowl’ theme yesterday and I wasn’t sure I’d come up with anything useable,  but I quite liked this image when I chopped the top off.  

What was interesting me was whether I could come up with alternative framings of the fruit bowls to add to a project, plus the impact of the light as it comes in through the window.

I’ve struggled with the Topaz enlarging software this morning which in the end crashed my machine (I wouldn’t have bought it if this had happened when I was trialling it), however it has worked once the machine restarted.  It’s slow but useable again now.

Three workmen arrived yesterday to apply the weatherproofing solution to the stonework (it’s rained every since).  So we should be all complete now -  it’s quite nice to think it’s just back to us.  Hopefully the scaffolding can come down quite quickly now, especially as we had it up for several weeks before they began work.

We collected my replacement glass door panel from Barnsley Glass yesterday afternoon, so once the scaffolding is down I can re-instate the small lean-too greenhouse.  It’s very useful, especially in the winter as it’s attached to the stone wall of the house and stays frost free, unlike the main greenhouse.

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