Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Having a Bath

I know I've blipped bathing birds before but it's an easy one when they oblige. So here's Mr Blackbird getting the dust off his feathers.

Work yesterday exercised my brain and went on till my yoga class was about to start. Having been on the screen since 09:30 I really couldn't do any more so I went for a walk instead of doing my stretches. There's more work to come I'm glad to say. I don't want the grey matter to go too far off piste.

This morning I've been to the supermarket. It was busy in places eg the fruit and veg section and not everyone was wearing a mask. They're mandatory from tomorrow. I was wearing mine of course and it's now washed and on the line. The things we do.

It's a nice dry day so I'll be walking later and enjoying time outside. Isn't it strange how the days drift by. Though that won't be the case for everyone I know.

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