Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Kitchen in the garage

Warm enough to have lunch outside today, with Prince Chula. A strange book 'Brought up in England', but quite an interesting insight into the Thai Royal Family in the 1920s. And the title, of course, is the only thing I have in common with the aforementioned Royal Family!

A bit of potting, or pottering - maybe that's where the word comes from! Later on we spent some time down in the garage cleaning up the kitchen units which were in the house when we bought it five years ago - I hope we can sell them on our local online Market Place. Not the most exciting Blip, but it's what we did today which is the main purpose of Blipfoto after all! 
There are always a few other items which we might be able to get rid of on one of these freebie websites such as Freecycle - we've both acquired or found new homes for several things over the years. We have a local Facebook version, called rather awkwardly 'Give and Get Free', which sounds like the title of the next Bond film! I suppose it reminds me of 'Live and Let Die'!

Quote of the Day:

Albert Einstein - “Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.”

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