A relatively lazy day

Picked up the emptied horse poo bags from the allotment, dropped them off at Bovey Tracey, left a pot of courgette, orange & hazelnut chutney, 2020 vintage, plus a punnet of freshly cut courgettes as a thank you. Sent a FB message "Hope you like courgettes". Have'nt heard back ... I nearly, but only nearly, thankfully, grabbed a couple of bags for Mum. Well I was on the way to Mum's to do some gardening, but first breakfast. I grabbed 2 freshly baked croissants from the Coop on BT. Mum had homemade gooseberry jam, butter, & clotted cream on the table when I arrived. Perfect! Then it was time to work ... 3 hours of pruning, grubbing out a mature Photinia that had recently just popped it's clogs. A bit of a brute, but nothing a saw, loppers and brute force could'nt fix.
Back home for lunch, then I caught up on a couple of tv programmes I'd missed, put together the ingredients for a honey & sunflower wholemeal loaf in the bead machine .... think the yeast must have been a bit lively as the bread had risen to the very top of the machine, before it had finished baking. It's all trial & error.
Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday - 'Unexpected Abstract' I spotted some of the allium heads I cut yesterday in a metal dish I have on the patio table .. some rain water had collected & made a puddle. Yep! That's it, Blip done!

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