Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

I'm Little!

(back blip)

I barely got this shot off because this little guy was really scooting around the yard with it's mom.  This family has been around for a few days.  The sad thing about it is that the brood usually numbers 5-15 but right from the start, I only saw this one baby with this pair of adults.  It's probable that snakes, roadrunners or other predators may have gotten at the eggs in the nest.

This baby can't be more than two inches tall.  Its size and distance from where I was standing didn't allow me to get the best shot but these babies are notoriously difficult to photograph.  I put an un-cropped shot as an extra to help give viewers a better perspective on its size.

Life is slow and boring.  I've tried reaching out to a lot of former friends and colleagues, virtually all on the east coast, without much success.  I've sent some texts to some folks I know locally through the Singles Club.  Got one reply.  This is hard.  I'll admit that I'm pretty envious of  people on blip who have family...spouses, partners, children, grandchildren..with whom they can either get together in person or via video.  Maybe tomorrow. It is what it is.

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