Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Bee Ware

(back blip)

This hooded oriole was really disappointed that what was left of the oranges was only the petrified outer skin.  So, he took to the hummingbird feeder in the hope that some nectar might have been spilled.  He was having some success until a bee started bugging him.  Then he was spooked.

I had a decent day.  Went out for breakfast (again) but didn't stay very long.  By 9:30 the temperature was already in the high 90's.  Looks like 2 or three records might fall this weekend with no rain in sight.

For the first time, I zoomed with an old friend from college and her husband.  I guess the word 'old' in that context is redundant.  I've stayed in regular contact with her through the years but haven't seen her in person since the day we graduated.  It was fun.  I really didn't do much else except work like heck on three days of photos for possible use as blips. I spoke with my therapist, my friend Melanie and may have finally gotten my health insurance straightened out.

I watched a couple of bio docs on Netflix recently.  I highly recommend David Foster Off The Record.  I also really enjoyed Gaga: Five Foot Two.
My mother loved Gaga, especially after her duet with Tony Bennett and discovering that she was Italian.  :-)

Time for dinner.  It's too hot too cook so I'll do a Santa Fe salad  and a bowl of pineapple.

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