A New Chapter

By laurie54


There are dozens of these in my neighborhood.  Most of the time you'd expect to see these at the end of a dead-end street.  Around here, they're mainly to keep you falling into an arroyo when the incline of the sidewalk changes. In many spots here are railings to keep you from falling in.  We have a need for quite a few arroyos because the water from the sudden hard rains of the monsoon need a place to run into since there aren't any street drains.  In the city, they're mostly referred to as washes.
Exactly how I felt sometimes

A woman called the hospital and says, "I want to know if a patient is getting better."

After asking the patient's name, a voice at the end of the other line said, "Yes, dear,.  Sara Finkel is in room 302."  He reported that "Mrs. Finkel is doing very well.  In fact, she had two full meals, her blood pressure is fine, she's going to be taken off the heart monitor soon and if she continues this improvement, Dr. Cohen will be sending her home Tuesday."

The woman said, "Thank God.  That's wonderful.  Oh, that's fantastic,  wonderful news!!"
The man on the phone sad, "From your enthusiasm I take it you must be a close friend or family member."

"I'm Sara Finkel in 302.  My doctor doesn't tell me a damn thing."

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