By HeidiHH

121st Corona diary entry / The New Normal

More places in Catalonia to confinement again. 

Yesterday we had an invite to spend the evening with my husband's cycling buddies home. Also another couple was invited. Most of the  evening was in Spanish. A little in English and even less in Norwegian. I understood TODO :-).

We had a lovely evening and very good bulle (Argentinian lady who is married to Norwegian made) and tapas. We spent the whole evening in the garden. Yesterday it was so late when I got to posting the picture that I didn't write anything about the picture.

This morning it was cloudy skies so we walked up to the lighthouse. When we got there the sun was out again. Luckily it's downhill back home. We didn't remember to put sunscreen when we left (and it was supposed to be cloudy all day long), and my husband's neck burned a little.

We did 11km in 2 hours. Saw one incident on our way. When we start our way up from here, we walk along the ravine, through the woods to the road to the lighthouse. The road is made with a ruler. It's 100% straight forward. The whole 4km. A woman driving a white car passed us quite fast. We were on the side of the road. Very soon after us, so drove off the asphalt and then turned back to the road again. But the underneath area of the car scraped on the drop between the asphalt and dirt. She might have punctured her tire too. She must have been doing something else in the car but driving (calling on the phone or ?) and going way too fast in that area. We were the only people on the road to pass by.  You can not drive off road when the road is straight. She was in the car talking on the phone when we passed her. We think she called for help. She was okay. She had checked the car already and gotten in. I'm glad she didn't do that off road turn when she passed us.

Last night I got too few hours asleep again, so this afternoon I took a long nap. I might have slept an hour or so. Now we have a surprise thunder. It's making lots of noise and now finally the rain came. It will be muddy rain as the air is thick with calima.

If all goes well, we leave up north after 10 days.

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