Riverside Boatyard

I needed a gas bottle for the van. I can't remember when I last had a refill, it only supplies the two gas rings (and the grill) so it lasts for ages. I had a panic in the night that I hadn't checked it. Then the next thought was that everyone will be thinking of that now we're able to go away again and they might not have supplies. I took the bottle out and shook it, not much more than fumes in there! I needed fuel as well so I thought I might get a refill at the filling station but no they were waiting on a delivery. That added to my panic feeling. I went on to the place I've usually bought it before and they had a nice little bottle, just the right size. Great!

I'd noticed that the sky was looking out over the sea so on the way back I stopped by the viewpoint for a blip. The railings you see stick out over the railway line, presumably to stop people jumping onto the railway line. I frequently crop them out but I thought I'd leave them in this time.

We had a drop of rain this afternoon. It was a bit of a surprise, we hadn't really expected it to be much. Shame because the washing's on the line and the cushions are still out on the outdoor furniture.

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