Skeggy Beach!

We got up this morning and on the spur of the moment decided to have a drive over to Skegness. We had intended going some time this week and since I now have more free days, decided we may as well go today since the weather looked decent.

It was actually quite warm over there, with no icy breeze for once! There was quite a bit of cloud but that didn't matter too much - we did see some sunshine too. Part of the beach looked busy though not crowded.  We walked further along to a quiet bit, and just enjoyed a good walk along the beach until we were hungry and ready for a fish and chip lunch. More walking followed, then an ice-cream for me and slush for Bri, and another walk then home!

I took this shot on the last long walk, of one of the less used bits of the beach. In the distance you can see Norfolk!

Oooh! Nearly forgot the toilet saga! Well wonder of wonders - we found one open, and it took card payments - allegedly. Only...not my card! The first time I went it accepted it at the second attempt but the next time it did not want to entertain it at all! The woman behind me was hopping about with crossed legs so I let her go next. Fortunately someone coming out said it took coins too and it didn't have to be a 20p, so I trotted back and begged some coinage from Bri!

There was a notice by the hand driers (The last thing you use!) informing us that we used the toilets at our own risk as no-one was cleaning them despite them being the only one open and being charged for the privelege! Still, it didn't stop me using them a second time - it was still lesser evil when compared to risking arrest peeing in the sand dunes!

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