Predator and Prey

This morning I was home sorting out mail to send and I got a phone call from a delivery person. He was driving around and could not find our house. (He's not the first that's happened to!) I wasn't very with it, and I told him the number and street name. "I know - it says it on the package...I can't find it!" he said. He said he was on the correct street so I went outside, told him to head in the direction leading away from town and stood and waved in the street until he saw me. He found us eventually! 

After lunch Bri and I went to B&Q and bought the paint for the bathroom. We also went to The Range and got a lovely fluffy rug for the front room and stocked up on cat food for Minstrel. 

The rug is a soft dusky pink - I was looking forward to photographing Minstrel on it. I thought he would like to lie on it as it has a lovely soft texture not unlike his own fur. He touched it a few times with a paw, stepped onto it once, walked straight off and has taken great pains to avoid it ever since! You'd think it was made of lava!

We were still Blipless at this point so resorted to a walk in the Arboretum. I saw this wasp* on a dried up plant, and when I went to photograph it I realised it was on the menu for a spider half its size. I'm not keen on wasps, and spiders scare the bejaysus out of me for many reasons - not least the one that is evident in this photo! If spiders grew big enough, or learned to work together instead of murdering eachother, humans would be in the same boat as this wasp!

Tomorrow is my birthday...not much planned now since I've already had my trip to the coast> We will have a takeaway for tea. I don't want to be cooking and washing up on my birthday!

*Possibly not a wasp but a wasp-mimicking long-horn beetle - Clytus Arietis!

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