By Teasel

Beach Football

I had to set my alarm as I had to make sure we were up to get BB to his volunteering session.  He is volunteering with a local community gardening group as part of his activities for his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.  I was up and ready but TT was still in bed.  He had to get ready in a real rush.  We headed into town to meet the group.  They were all lovely and very welcoming .  I had a chat with the lady in charge and left him to it.  I took advantage of the lovely morning to walk round by the river, before popping into the supermarket on my way home to pick up some things for a picnic.
BB arrived home later than we expected.  We then got ready to head over to North Berwick to meet up with friends for a picnic.  We were much delayed as we couldn’t get the door locked.  Poor TT struggled and eventually after many attempts got it shut and locked.  This is why we desperately need new doors (and windows).  This was BB’s first car journey since before lockdown!
We struggled to get parked in sunny North Berwick, but eventually settled on a spot away from the centre of town.  We walked down into town and couldn’t believe how busy it was.  We haven’t seen so many people in person for months.
My friend was waiting in the queue for the ladies, so I went to find her, while the boys headed to the beach to meet up with her family, but only after buying a hard brush in the hardware store!  The queue moved very slowly, but at least we were mostly in the sun.  I waited a while, then left her to it, and I made my way to the beach.  She eventually made it back to join us.  We had our picnic lunch and I was presented with a tin of shortbread, with a candle, in lieu of a birthday cake!  They sang happy birthday, but we had no matches, so the candle wasn’t lit!
The kids had a great time on the beach.  BB got a bit wet but dried off.  The adults enjoyed chatting in the sun.  I was also presented with a cocktail in a can – but I resisted, just in case I needed to go to the loo.
We eventually had to leave them, as TT had a meeting to attend at church.  Later TT and I enjoyed a glass of fizz and a gin and tonic, while snacking and watching Spiral..  The end to a lovely birthday for me.  I am sure the years are getting shorter!
Here are the footballers on the beach.

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