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....,.. well OK in the Hydrangeas??!!

Day 124 of my lockdown - Day 35 of slight ease

Busy morning just sorting out our TARDIS (study/office/junk room).  It really is now overfilled and although it contains all of my collections - Dr Who and book collections  mostly - i need to be a bit harsh and throw some things out, especially when I have more than one copy of a book for instance.  It also needs a good spring clean.

So this morning I made a start.  The tops of 3 of the bookshelves are filled with my Dr Who figures so I've got some nice rainbow cardboard boxes and put them on their side so things can be partly displayed and partly in storage.  It has taken up 6 storage boxes but boy does it look a whole lot better and I've also some spare space - yeaaah.

I also dusted down and catalogues and sorted out the 5 shelves in the first bookshelf.  Only 3 more to go plus the wall shelves.  But these will be done as and when I can - a day at a time.  It does feel good to have made a start - I kept promising myself I would make a start and feel better for having done that.

Now this afternoon back to sorting out photographic files.  Once I've done all that I will get at least one other portable hard drive and ensure copies of all important documents and photographs are stored in at least 3 places (most are already done this way in at least 2 places, but not since I've started to sort things out and delete the bad photos and unnecessary documents).

Now  time for a coffee and your blips.

My sympathies and thoughts to all those in Leicester who are now back in lockdown.  Also all those areas deemed to be in the red area for possible lockdown and those in amber.

It just makes me more determined to stay in my personal lockdown.  I'm so sorry for all the businesses such as shops, cafes, pubs etc but the consequences could be dire so it's not worth the risk.  

I have a huge amount of respect for those that are daring to go into these establishments and I will keep reviewing weekly to see when I dare to make first steps.  

I am however going to make a first step for me and will probably go into the grounds of nearby historic houses with Mum and sis for Mum's birthday in August.  That will be staying outside though and definitely following social distancing and taking our own sanitisers and antibac wipes.  

That's enough of my ramblings and thoughts for the day.

Do stay safe and do whatever is needed to stay so.  See you all tomorrow.

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