Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

I hope you can smell them!

The colours of our sweet peas are always potluck. This year we have a range from white to purple. They smell wonderful.

I have worked at home all day, tidying rooms that should have been tidied at the start of lockdown. Annette is returning to clean tomorrow and she needs to be able to see what needs doing. To say I'm excited is an understatement!

Whilst in the dining room at lunchtime I was disturbed by a flying - yes - a flying bat. This one an adult. I hope it left through the window. Dusk will tell. There must be a nursery roost very near, but I don't know how they are getting in. (Down the chimney?)

It drizzled on and off. I emptied one box of rather ancient Christmas cards.

Tonight's blip is something of an emergency one but the sweet peas are lovely to share with you.

Life in the time of Covid 19
- becomes more puzzling by the day.

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