By CleanSteve

Philip B. showing me their garden

I started the day with a visit to Ruscombe on the far side of town. Philip B. has been working from home throughout the lockdown and doesn't manage to get out very much.

It was really good to see him and listen to his amazing take on several aspects of the world which must remain unsaid here. He works in the charity sector and is a fantastically inspirational figure in the local community. For many years he was the Green District councillor for the ward he lives in and is active politically in trying to prepare the world for climate change.

We became friends a few years ago when I started being involved with the  local Film Festival. I offered to help Philip run the regular annual community event at the festival, the Stroud Community TV Awards evening. We also were involved in a couple of short films, which was fun for me.

Today we had amazing organic coffee, one of Philip's personal pleasures. We chatted and caught up and I heard plans being made for important action he hopes to take in the next few months. All power to delightful people like Philip and his partner, Ingerlin, whom I managed to chat to as well, if sadly somewhat physically distantly.

PS We weren't drunk; the garden really does slope that steeply. It is Stroud after all.

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